Lazy Sunday Brunch at The Pantry

After a week of sleep deprivation thanks to a teething baby, nothing perks you up more than a good old fry up. Oh and a double shot latte. And that's just what I had at The Pantry in Stockbridge yesterday - and boy did it hit the spot!

Arriving fashionably (or rudely!) late we were helped down the stairs with our pram and shown to a table at the back of the cosy restaurant by the window. There was a highchair in place for Miss Paige, who is now my mini partner in crime with all things foodie. I noticed immediately the warm family atmosphere. At many of the other tables were families enjoying each others company - Parents reading the papers or story books to their little ones. Dining out with a baby can sometimes be quite a stressful experience so I felt instantly calm knowing it was a child friendly place.

With our eyes propped open with matchsticks, hubby and I both ordered coffees. "Would you like a double shot with your latte?" I was asked by our lovely waitress (who now appeared to be some kind of caffeine angel) to which I replied "oh god yes please!" It was like she knew...

Both arrived in quirky glasses, which I love.

A lovely brunch menu was offered and my deliberation began. Eggs Benedict as recommended to me via Twitter, or The Pantry Fry? It was definitely a fry kind of day, and this is what I went for:

Sausages, bacon, toast, poached egg, mushrooms, tattie scone and haggis. Just seeing that written down makes me feel slightly full! Hubby thought that sounded good and went for the same. Paige opted for some scrambled egg which the chef kindly whipped up for her with no salt. 

She was a very happy little customer and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed it way more than mummy's scrambled eggs! 

Hubby and I both agreed it was all delicious, fresh and not greasy at all as a fry up sometimes can be.

We left feeling refreshed and slightly more awake after what felt like a big cosy hug. 

A short stroll down the street and we were at the Stockbridge Market. So if you're looking for somewhere to dine this Sunday after the market - The Pantry is your place. 

The Pantry Farm Shop & Kitchen
1-2 NW Circus Place, Edinburgh


  1. I walked past on Sunday on my way to the Stockbridge Market and wondered what this place was like... Now I know, next time I won't walk past but straight down the steps! Thanks...


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