A warm welcome awaits at "The Elph"

When I think of the perfect lazy Sunday I think of family, long chats, cosy log fires and good food.  On a cold and dreary Sunday afternoon there's nothing nicer than a warm snuggly pub lunch. And that's exactly how I've just spent my afternoon, at The Elphinstone Hotel in Biggar. http://www.elphinstonehotel.co.uk/

After driving for around 45 minutes in the rain we arrived at The Elphinstone Hotel (affectionately nicknamed The Elph by locals) to find a parking space right at the door. With little Miss Paige and all her luggage, this is always a bonus! 

A very warm welcome awaited us as we entered the toasty warm bar area. Our table was reserved in the corner beside a roaring log fire. We were helped with all our stuff by an extremely lovely waitress (and I'm now kicking myself that I didn't ask her name so I could mention her as she was so friendly!) The place has a real family atmosphere. It reminded me of my local pub where I grew up so I instantly liked it. 

The menu was extensive with all the usual pub classics and an additional specials menu which had some really interesting dishes, as well as a lighter snack menu (wraps, baguettes etc). But I was in the mood for good old fashioned pub grub! For starter I went, predictably, for the Brie and hubby went for the haggis with peppercorn sauce. 

Both were generous portions but not too huge, just enough to get you ready for the main course. Really nice, fresh, light batter, not greasy at all, and gooey cheese in the middle - what can be bad about that! 

For mains we went old school - scampi and chips for me and haddock and chips for hubby. Hubby did comment that it was nice to have the choice between battered and breaded fish - he went for breaded. Again - nice piping hot freshly cooked fish arrived with a fresh salad. 

Admittedly not the healthiest lunch in the world but that's what Sundays are for...and hubby had just completed The Mighty Deerstalker the night before so was allowed a treat!! 

Already stuffed, I noticed the couple next to us getting something very yummy looking for dessert. I've said it before and I'll say it again - it would have been rude not to look at the dessert menu! Again many of the usual classics you would expect but also an extensive ice cream sundae list. I LOVE ice cream so was delighted by this. The menu stated that the ice cream was from Taylor's of Biggar. I went for a chocolate honeycomb affair which was gigantic and super indulgent. And for once I was actually defeated and couldn't finish it. 

As we waddled to the door, happy and full we happened upon the owner who told us of a huge refurb taking place over the next few weeks. So I will definitely return, if not to see that, then to have another go at that sundae!

We drove home full, happy and content having spent a lovely lazy Sunday at The Elph. 


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