Review of Garfunkels Restaurant

Four weeks ago I had a beautiful baby girl, Paige. It's been an amazing four weeks, and last night Paige, hubby and I had our first dinner outing together. We visited Garfunkels restaurant on the Royal Mile.

We were welcomed by a really friendly waiter who let us pick the most convenient table as we had Paige in a pram. The restaurant was quiet (it was only 5.30pm!) so we chose a spot in the corner so we wouldn't be in anyone's way. We were shown straight away where the baby changing facilities were without having to ask and the waiters couldn't have been more helpful, getting the door for me etc. 

We settled down to look at the menu and were told about the new British Classics menu and hotdog menu. We were spoilt for choice! An extensive menu ranging from classic pub grub to Italian pizzas and pastas. We ordered some drinks - I went for a chocolate milkshake which was scrummy! 

We decided to go for a couple of starters from the new British Classics menu, haggis balls and mushrooms with blue cheese. Both arrived promptly. I was actually changing Paige when our starters arrived and our waiter kindly offered to keep them warm for us. Starters were tasty, we both particularly liked the haggis balls which were in a crispy light batter served with chilli sauce. 

Our mains arrived a short while afterwards. Hubby opted for traditional fish and chips and I went for the goats cheese pizza. (Can you tell I'm enjoying eating all the things I couldn't when I was pregnant?!) Both were nice, but we weren't blown away by our choices. I'd say it was very pricey for what we got. That said we enjoyed it. 

As usual, as soon as our food arrived, Paige demanded to be fed! As I'm breastfeeding, I did this discreetly at the table. I'm not a fan of feeding her in the toilets, however, I know some people prefer this, so one thing to note was that there was no chair in the baby changing toilet. 

For desert we couldn't see past the sticky toffee pudding which came with a coffee, so we shared this and it was delicious! And huge! 

All in all a nice dinner. Only negatives were that the restaurant was a bit cold and for me, expensive for the food quality and portion size. Our bill came to nearly £50 which I thought was quite a lot in comparison to many other Edinburgh restaurants. 10 out of 10 for customer service though. 


  1. Aw isn't Paige a wee cutie! glad you had a good night!

  2. I have been overdosing on Goats Cheese the past few months! Good on you for feeding at the table, I try to as much as possible too. Congrats on having a meal out as a family, it is very liberating!

  3. Wow! interesting! Looks like some good eats. I like it. Food Dinner in Edinburgh


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