The Great Pink Bake Off - in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Some of you may know, my 'real life' job is Fundraising Manager at Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland.  It's an amazing charity, funding life saving work across the UK, including here in Edinburgh and in Dundee.

To my delight, the new breast cancer awareness month (October) fundraising campaign was launched last week and the theme this year is....The Great Pink Bake Off!  My work and personal lives have finally collided in a cake filled frenzy!  Finally, I get to talk about cake at work and not be told to shut up!

So, here's how it works.  Friday 18 October is the date (or any date really!). It can be at school, at work or at home with friends - anywhere.  You might be a member of a local baking club, golf club or other social group.  Let's face it - cake is always welcome!  So, ask your friends to get baking and then ask people who attend to make donations for these goodies.  Simple right?!

The money you raise will go towards funding world-leading breast cancer research.  Guilt-free cake - what could be better!?

Please register today for your free fundraising pack by visiting and anything you can do to encourage your foodie friends to hold their own bake off events would be amazing.  You can follow the charity @BreakthroughSco on twitter using the hashtag #GreatPinkBakeOff.

Go on.  Fire up your oven, get baking and raise some dough for a good cause!


  1. Great fundraising idea for a great charity. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and thanks to advances in treatment she's still critiquing my baking today. More research is still needed into causes of and treatments for the group of diseases that result in breast cancer, so will definitely be doing my bit to promote 'The Great Pink Bake Off'.

    1. Hi Chris, pleased to hear you mum is doing well. Thank you so much for your kind words, and support. Feel free to send me pics of your Bake Off and I'd be delighted to post them here!


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