It's been a while!

It feels like I haven't written anything on here for ages! 

For those of you who don't know, I'm 6 months pregnant.  So many people have said to me recently that they thought I'd be blogging furiously about all things related to food during pregnancy.  But in all honesty - I've been more 'off' food and haven't had any weird cravings - although I have been partial to more than my fair share of ice cream... I've certainly not really felt like cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

One place I did visit recently was out in Midlothian, where I now live, called The Howgate.  It's a really cute place hidden in the hills (about a mile from Penicuik) - a converted stable block I believe.  Think candles and log fires.  It's a really cosy welcoming place, lovely atmosphere and the food was great.  I had stuffed my face earlier that day at Frankie and Benny's (!) so didn't go for a starter.  But my dining companions had the mussels and the Cullen Skink and both were very happy!  I opted for the beef stroganoff which I've not had for years, and it was really tasty - the beef melted in the mouth.

I was delighted that the Lucas ice cream on offer didn't contain raw egg, so I went for 3 huge scoops of ice cream to finish off.  Delicious! 

Worth a visit if you're out that neck of the woods.

The Howgate Restaurant and Bistro
Howgate, Midlothian, EH26 8PY
Tel: 01968 670000


  1. Welcome back Pam! I totally didn't feel like blogging for most of my pregnancy...and ditto to the lack of strange cravings etc. I see a "cake babies" blog in our future...where to go in and around the city with space for more than one pram!!! hope you are feeling well xx


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