It all starts with a Chop Chop

When I was approached recently by online dating website to write a restaurant review on somewhere good in Edinburgh to go for a date, it really got me thinking.  It’s been a while since I’ve been on a first date!  It took me back, thinking about all the places my husband and I have been over the years.  So I started asking around my friends and work colleagues: “What makes a good first date restaurant?”.  The response I got was fascinating!  I expected the usual requirements, candlelight,  quiet, cosy, intimate.  But things seem to have moved on since I was last on a first date and the response I got was more along the lines of: somewhere light (so you can recognise them from their online profile photograph), somewhere the food is served quickly (in case the date isn’t going well), somewhere ‘buzzy’ (in case there isn’t much conversation) and somewhere cheap (if you’re going on a couple of dates a week it can get pricey).  Somewhere that seemed to tick all these boxes was Chop Chop on Morrison Street.  I had never been before and it was somewhere I’d wanted to try for years. 

So, in true first date style, my date (hubby!) picked me up from work and off we went.  We arrived at Chop Chop and were invited to sit where we liked.  It was about 6.30pm on a Thursday evening and already the place was busy – a good sign, and one first date requirement ticked off the list already.  It was also light so we could see each other!  A very friendly waiter came over to give us menus and explain how things worked at Chop Chop.  We decided as it was our first time, we’d go for the unlimited banquet for 2 (£19.95 each) which gave us a flavour of the menu with a range of Chop Chop’s most popular dishes.  Our food arrived promptly a couple of dishes at a time, which ensured it was all lovely and fresh (another tick off the list).

The nice thing about going for the banquet was that we shared everything, which I appreciate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but nice when on a date.  It was also a great talking point, so had we not known each other, it would have given us plenty to chat about.  Also, as a girl you never want to completely stuff your face on a first date (give it a couple of dates!) so sharing allows you to pick away and you can’t really tell how much you’ve eaten!  Here’s what we ate:

Prawn Crackers
Cucumber Salad
Prawn Dumpling (Fried)
Pork and Coriander Dumplings
Northern Beef

Cucumber Salad

Northern Beef

Garlic & Chili Flavourings 

Steamed Dumplings

Chicken Wings

It was safe to say were both suitably stuffed by the end of it, and we had no room to order more, which we could have done as many times as we liked.  We asked for the bill which was dealt with quickly and we were on our way home.  As far as the first date requirements of my friends went, I’d say Chop Chop fulfilled the criteria perfectly.  It’s not fancy inside, pretty relaxed and the food was great and reasonably priced.  I would definitely recommend it for couples on a first date, or any date for that matter! 

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