Le Cream Puff

On a cold and rainy Friday afternoon at work I found myself answering the door to a delivery, which to my delight was for me. As the gentleman handed over the white package I instantly knew what is was...This was no normal delivery of leaflets and stationery.  My samples had arrived from Le Cream Puff.  This Stockbridge based bakery bakes, among other things, artisanal choux a la creme (cream puffs) in the classic French tradition.  Their facebook page describes them as "a light and crisp pastry shell hiding a luscious silky custard refined with a dollop of freshly whipped cream." 

On with kettle and then myself and my work colleague sat down to carefully open the pretty package.  

We were greeted by these little lovelies.  Hazelnut and Lemon.  I have to say, I simply cannot recommend one over the other as I thought they were both to die for.  And yes, I did have more than one. Or two. OK so I had 3! But I took the rest home for my family to try and it's safe to say, they gave them the thumbs up too.

Filling oozing out - messy but oh so good!

These little buns would make a great dessert, perfect with afternoon tea and I'm thinking they'd be great for work events too.  I think it's safe to say I'll be devouring more of these sticky, sweet little gems in the not too distant future.


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