Afternoon Tea at Cammerlaws Farm, Scottish Borders

Well, after much deliberation, mum and I decided to host our first "pop-up" afternoon tea at Cammerlaws Farm today. We'd been chatting about it for ages as I kept telling mum about all these amazing afternoon teas I had visited. I'd done some research and couldn't see anyone else doing similar in the Scottish Borders, so we decided to give it a go!  I was lucky enough to have met the lovely Alison from the Edinburgh Cake Ladies  a few times and when I floated the idea on Twitter, Alison kindly offered to meet us for a wee chat.  She gave us some great advice, do's and don'ts and off we went.  Our first dabble into the world of pop-up afternoon teas was in the safe hands of the Edinburgh Cake Ladies.  Who better to try a cakey venture out on, right?!

This is the menu we decided on:

Cammerlaws Farm

Afternoon Tea
Saturday 8 September 2012

**On Arrival**
Prosecco garnished with a fresh Scottish Raspberry
Sparkling Normandy Apple Juice served with a slice of braeburn apple

** Something to nibble**
Wiltshire Ham, Cream Cheese & Spring Onion
Prawns with Cheese & Chive mayonnaise
Cheese puffs

**Something Savoury**
A selection of sandwiches on soft white & brown bread
Cheese & Celery
Wiltshire Ham & Mustard with mayonnaise
Cucumber & Mint
Petite Croissants with Ham and Camembert
**Something Sweet**
Fruit and Plain Scones with Susan’s Award Winning Raspberry Jam (Westruther Flower Show 2012) and Clotted Cream
Rocky Road
Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies
Meringues with fresh cream and raspberries
Honeycomb Cream Choux Pastries with Lindt Chocolate

**Something Else**
Maple & Pecan Tart
Clementine Cake with Cream
Victoria Sponge

**Something to Drink**
A selection of loose leaf teas
English Breakfast
White Pomegranate

And here are some yummy cakey pics!

Clementine Cake

Afternoon Tea

Clementine Cake, Maple & Pecan Tart and Victoria Sponge


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