Review of Kampung Ali Malaysian Restuarant

Last Friday, I found myself finished work sharp after a meeting up in Nicholson Street.  It's not a part of town I'm that familiar with, and as it was such a lovely evening, I bought a magazine and took myself off for a wee dander.  After popping into a few little boutique shops I stumbled upon Hula Juice Bar at the bottom of Victoria Street, which I've been meaning to visit for ages.  Being on antibiotics for a chest infection, this was a treat, as I've been missing my Friday night glass of rouge!  I had a lovely 'Pink Lady' juice which was as tasty as any glass of wine and I felt very proud of myself for being 'good'.

After my nice healthy juice I received a call from hubby saying he was on his way home from work, so we caught up in Kampung Ali, a Malaysian restaurant at Fountainbridge.

I had visited the restaurant some months ago (in my pre-blog days) with some friends and had a fantastic prawn red curry so I was glad to try it again.

We were shown to our seats and ordered some drinks.  I opted for green tea as I was freezing from my dander (it was a lovely evening, but this is Edinburgh we're talking about!). 

After much deliberation over the extensive and very authentic menu, and lots of eyeing up other diners dishes trying to figure out what they were having, we decided on our meal.  I was being boring, so I was told, and ordered the prawn red curry again to which I was abruptly told by our waiter 'no'.  I didn't see that coming!  I was told there was a Malaysian fish curry on special which was much tastier and I was to have that.  Yes boss.  I was also told I have to have the coconut rice.  Hubby successfully ordered the chicken Rendang.  This was allowed apparently.

We decided to share a couple of starters.  First up was the Roti with a curry dipping sauce.  Two lovely light and delicious rotis arrived with a nice spicy curry dipping sauce.  We also opted for the chicken satay skewers.  A huge plateful of chicken skewers arrived doused in a spicy peanut sauce.  Both very delicious and devoured quickly by hubby and I. 

On to the main course.  My Malaysian fish curry arrived and to my delight was completely delicious.  Spicy, but not too spicy, huge prawns cooked in a coconut broth with aubergine and beans.  I was very grateful for the recommendation!  The Rendang curry was equally as tasty.

So big thumbs up for Kampung Ali.  As Arnie would say: "I'll be back".


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