My first ever blog post - and a little bit about me

Hello!  And welcome to my Edinburgh Food Girl blog.  My name is Pamela and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my husband.  I grew up on my parents farm in the Scottish Borders, so food, and being very aware of its origins, has always played a big part in my life.  She will never admit it, but my mum is an amazing cook and I've probably taken my love of food from her.  We always love going to the farm for Sunday dinner as mum always cooks an amazing roast beef or lamb (from the farm of course!) and she makes the best Yorkshire Puddings.  I've still never mastered the art of cooking a good roast as my timings are never quite right - I blame my oven!

Quite simply, I love food.  I love reading about food and have far too many recipe books according to my hubby, who has had to fix one too many broken shelves as a result!  I love talking about food and swapping recipe ideas with friends.  I love shopping for food - one of my favourite things to do when I spent a summer in Toronto was going round all the food markets and picking up unusual spices and vegetables.  I love cooking and baking and trying out new recipes as well as old favourites.  And most of all, I love eating!  I will confess at this point that I am no connoisseur of fine food.  I love a good old take-away and probably have far too many plastic Chinese and Indian containers in my kitchen cupboard (well they do come in very handy for freezing things!).  And I love to dine out in some of Edinburgh's amazing restaurants.  Most recently, we went out for Valentine's Day to Bia Bistrot (19 Colinton Road, Edinburgh) and had an excellent meal - they do a pre-theatre menu with three courses for just £11 - well worth a visit.  

We got married in June 2011 on my parents farm and being total curry lovers, decided to have Indian food at our wedding.  Finding caterers was a challenge, particularly as the farm is quite remote.  But we stumbled upon a gem of a catering company based just outside of Edinburgh called Hyndberry run by the lovely Catriona Staddon.  We then had a wonderful honeymoon in New York and Hawaii which, aside from being an amazing holiday with my new husband, I was in total foodie heaven!  Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast, great coffee, huge pizza slices and pretzels at Yankee Stadium, all conjure up images of New York.  Hawaii was on another level and the most amazing meal I've had in my life was at Roys Hawaiian fusion restaurant in Waikiki - huge prawns with a light broccoli tempura and pineapple glaze, served with a side of risotto. I'm hungry just thinking about it!  So it's not hard to imagine that I've put on some weight since my honeymoon...

So this week has seen me set up my blog and the start of my dreaded weight loss regime.  What is it about the word 'diet' that just makes me want to run for hills and eat more?!  Although maybe if I'd done more running in the hills I wouldn't be worrying about shedding those extra 'honeymoon happiness' pounds! 

Anyway, enough about me.  I'm heading to the gym for a spinning class shortly, but just need to raid the cupboards for a nice breakfast first.  Well it would be silly to exercise on an empty stomach now, wouldn't it?! 


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