Lunch with The Girls

I have a confession... I didn't make it to spinning class yesterday.  There, I feel so much better for admitting it!  Instead, I made a lovely lasagne for dinner.  Way more fun! 

So today, after a lazy Saturday morning, I went into town to meet The Girls for lunch.  We ended up in our usual haunt, Tigerlily on George Street.  And I'm afraid to say that it was very average (the food that is, not the company!).  After waiting ages on a menu (which we had to ask for twice) our lunch arrived.  I opted for the pumpkin and sage ravioli which was ok, but served with what seemed like a shop bought white sauce that may have been put to better use in my lasagne!  Not a sniff of Parmesan or black pepper in sight!  I have to say that this isn't the first time in the last few weeks I've been disappointed with the food here.  And it's not cheap!  I think I'll be saving Tigerlily for a cheeky after-work vino rather than lunch in the future, as I do love the pink and girlie surroundings.  Hopefully it's just a temporary blip and they get back on track, food-wise, soon.

Tonight, we're having some good friends round for dinner, and in keeping with my lazy theme today, we're ordering take-away!  "What a fraud!" I hear you shout!  But in my defence, we live near to one of Edinburgh's best-kept secrets, and that's 222 Chinese take-away on the corner of Tay Street/Bryson Road.  They do a great set meal for one which consists of a soup, an appetiser, a main and a rice all for just £8.50 - bargain.  So we'll be getting a few of those in and I'm excited about trying out my new cordless 'Hostess' hot tray!  My God I'm getting old!  

Good friends, good food and a couple of glasses of wine.  What more could a girl want?  Enjoy your Saturday night, whatever you're up to, I know I will! 


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