Hello Halloumi, Goodbye Hunger!

After a long day at work, and a very energetic Zumba class, I came home to a pretty empty fridge.  Don't you just hate that?!  What I did have, however, was some halloumi cheese that had been lurking around since my last food shop. I threw together a salad with some sesame-crusted halloumi (simply toss the sliced cheese in sesame seeds and fry for a couple of minutes on each side), topped with an amazing salad dressing that you HAVE to try!  It's 2-3 tablespoons of mango chutney, 1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar and some Tabasco sauce, boiled up in a pan with a little water, and served over the warm halloumi (adjust measurements to your taste).  Sounds weird putting warm cheese and dressing on a salad but its yummy. So I'm feeling very pleased with myself!  This recipe came from a book called 'Cook Yourself Thin' based on the Channel 4 series, and it's great.  You can check out some of their recipes here.


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